Few people are as perfect for a role as Julie Dietz is for E.A. Knight Construction.  It’s hard for me to imagine the office without her, since she’s been here almost as far back as I can remember.  Some roles just stick. 

Many customers never get to meet Julie, but if they do, then they are one of the very lucky few.  Julie is warm, welcoming, and dedicated to doing good work to make both you and us happy.  Her work revolves around short-term and long-term deadlines and she rarely has a short To-Do list.  She spends a significant amount of her time double-checking and triple-checking her work so that there’s less complications for you.  Julie wasn’t always such a crucial part of E.A. Knight Construction, though, and had to be patient for a time. 

“Why is E.A. Knight calling me?  I did not apply!”  Julie said, laughing, as she recalled how she was introduced to the company.  Back in 2006, Julie had once been laid off and was then dissatisfied with her job at the time, so her sister sent E.A. Knight Construction her resume without telling her, which led to Glen Knight’s call.  So, Julie up and left her job to join us as a receptionist.  “Receptionist” hardly describes the job at E.A. Knight Construction because the in-office operation is so small, the receptionist carries a lot of responsibility, from answering your calls, to writing contracts, entering material tickets to be paid, filing, etc. 

Things were going great and Julie really enjoyed her job, but the company itself wasn’t doing as well.  In 2008, she had to be let go because business was slow and money was tight.  But when the May 8th storm of 2009 hit, our phones rang relentlessly for months and Glen needed more help in the office, so he brought Julie back, this time as bookkeeper.  Fast forward 11 years now, and she is still the bookkeeper.  When I asked her what the best part of the job is and what’s kept her around for so long, she said:

“Definitely the people.  All our carpenters are fun to work with, everybody in the office is fun to work with… Yeah, everyone is great.  That’s the best part.”  This is what makes Julie a joy to work with, since she’s always happy to have people swing by her office and say hello.  While the people may be great to work with, the work itself can be stressful. 

The work that Julie does specifically is varied.  Monday is dedicated to paying bills, Tuesday is for payroll, Wednesday is reserved for the miscellaneous work, then Thursday and Friday are for billing the customers.  Julie works hard to meet her deadlines—some self-imposed and others by law—because every time a deadline is met, it generally means people are happy.  If employees don’t get their check on time or a customer doesn’t get a bill like they were supposed to, trouble follows.  Lucky for us, Julie is a perfectionist and can’t tolerate giving little effort. 

We love having Julie in the office, but when she’s not there she’s hanging out at home.  She lives near her sisters and mother, so she loves spending family time with them, especially with her nieces and nephew.  When the country isn’t amid a global pandemic, she also likes to spend time with friends. 

We’re thankful to have Julie for as long as we have, and we look forward to the years to come!

Thanks for reading!

Austin Knight

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