Building to a higher standard. What does that mean?
As we sat down to rewrite our new website we had to ask ourselves what this meant to us and does it truly apply to our way of doing business. Here are some observations that we made based on our own evaluation and the comments of our customers…
Our production staff truly cares about the satisfaction of our customers. Time and time again we get glowing reports about the kindness and attention to detail shown by our employees.

Our office staff works exceedingly hard to make sure our customers have a good experience with us. Many sleepless nights are spent thinking and rethinking of ways to improve our process company wide and on a job by job basis.

From our office & sales staff to our carpenters and laborers, we have folks who take a great deal of pride in what they do and it shows in the positive reactions we get from our customers.

Due to the large volume of remodel and repair jobs that we complete each year, we get to hear lots of horror stories about problems our customers have had with other ”builders”. That makes for good training on what NOT to do with our customers! You might say, we make a habit of learning from other people’s mistakes.

Ultimately, our daily motivation is to “do it” better than our competition in every respect. Whether that means quality of the finished product, compliance with state and federal building/energy codes, or how we treat our customers, we want to be the leader in our industry. There is no autopilot for this goal. It takes daily attention to detail to accomplish this task.

We have found that the best way to be of service to our customers is to help them whenever they need it. Help in times of need with repairs, in times of change with remodeling projects, and in times of starting over with new home construction. Our comprehensive approach has helped us develop a large network of devoted customers who are happy to refer our name to their family, friends, and co-workers. This had led to 40+ years of setting a higher standard in Southern Illinois!