Introducing… E.A. Knight Construction Blogs!

Hello and welcome to the first of the E.A. Knight Construction blogs!  What is this exactly?  In complete honesty, I am going to have to figure that out for myself.

I am Austin Knight, the grandson of the founder of E.A. Knight Construction, Eddie Austin Knight, and son of the current owner, Glen Knight.  The company has launched a new website, and my father has been advised that he should run a blog to keep customers updated with the company.  For that reason, he has hired me to research and author blogs for E.A. Knight Construction. I wasn’t given strict direction for the blog, but to write something… anything!  With the minimal direction provided, I began to contemplate all that I could write about.

My primary idea was to create a series of blogs discussing the history of E.A. Knight Construction, as it has been in the past and what it is today.  The history of this company has been long and successful, with hardships and trials of its own, and is built by loyal and hardworking employees that began as a small family operation and has remained that way.  Now, with 25 employees, E.A. Knight Construction does great construction work across our little portion of the Heartland—from remodels and repairs to new homes.

But maybe you’re an interested customer and want to hear what other customers have to say about the work of E.A. Knight Construction?  Fear not!  I hope to author blogs about several repeat customers and their feedback as part of their own blog series.  Or maybe you are about to start a new remodel job on your kitchen, which means inviting a stranger into your lovely home.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have biographies of our carpenters?  I intend to make that for you as well!

Simply put, this blog could be anything.  I have ultimately decided to write what I think might be interesting to me in the hopes that you too may be entertained.  Since this blog is designed for you, the customer, you and I should have equal right to what this blog becomes.  If you have any topics you would like to see posted, contact us through our Facebook page, or email me at my email,

I hope that these blogs are somewhat entertaining, and I am interested to see where this goes.

Thanks for reading,

Austin Knight