Pride in Our Work

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always known that my family is proud.  Not in a boisterous or haughty way (I don’t think…), but through an inner satisfaction with knowing we do something well, which is construction. 

It’s rare that I go for a drive with my dad or grandfather that I don’t hear, “We’ve worked on this house.  That house over there, we just remodeled their bathroom.  And the house back here… well, we actually built that one.”  As a kid, it didn’t interest me all that much, but now that I’m older, I have a different appreciation for those moments.  We’ve had the opportunity to work on so many homes and it’s thanks to you, the customer, that we are still doing great business.    

Speaking of customers, I can’t tell you how many times a customer has approached my dad or grandpa and said, “Hey Edd, it’s been forever!  I’m still lovin’ those new cabinets you guys put in,” or, “Glen, good to see ya!  I’m going to call you guys soon.  I’m wanting to add a deck to my backyard.”  I’ve never once seen a customer approach my family and accuse us of doing bad work or swear they’ll never hire us again.  If someone has come at my dad angrily, he’s never mentioned it to me.  My grandpa likes to remind me now and again that, in 41 years of business now, we’ve never had to go to court with a customer. 

In a recent conversation with one of our customers, they mentioned something about Mark Biggers that sings a similar tune to what I’ve said so far.  They said that, whenever Mark starts a project, he always says that anything is possible.  If you want it, he’ll build it.  Mark is someone who has been with this company long enough for me to know that he’s not lying and that he has been a part of some incredible projects. 

I get where the three of them are coming from, with this deep-seeded pride in doing good work.  I used to make a lot of art when I was younger.  I was always so eager to show everyone my latest creation and I’d show it to anyone who would look.  I even got to the point where some of my college buddies asked for something for their apartment.  It’s a great feeling to make something that other people get to appreciate.  Now, a small apartment decoration and a room addition are two totally different things, but hard work and care goes into all of our projects. You don’t need reminding, but I’m going to remind you anyway, that construction is a human endeavor, and mistakes are almost always made, but that’s not for lack of trying.  Every job is cared about and real effort is put into making it as well as we can.

That’s the kind of pride I’m talking about.  We’re not going to say you should only ever hire E.A. Knight Construction.  But if you hire us, we’re going to work as hard as we can to make your wishes a reality, and maybe one day, I’ll have to listen to my dad brag about us building your new room addition. 

A special thanks goes out to you, the customer, for allowing us to work for 41 years.  Without your business, that great work we’re proud of would likely not exist.

Cheers to you!

Austin Knight