Custom Homes

New home construction has been a signature product for us since our humble beginning in 1979. Exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship, along with a strong emphasis on customer involvement are the bedrocks on which this company has been built.

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Interior Remodeling & Kitchen & Bath

Home remodeling is our bread & butter. It’s not always glamorous work, but it takes a particular skill set that we possess. Remodeling takes craftsmanship, coordination, customer relations, conflict resolution, and occasionally, anger management. We are pros at remodeling. You may find a cheaper (and I do mean cheaper) source, but you will not find a professional remodeling service in Southern Illinois that can top our ability to please hundreds of customers on a yearly basis.

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“We need more space!” We have heard this proclamation many, many times over the years and have been happy to accommodate!

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Exterior Remodeling

As we all know, the exterior of our home takes a beating from the weather over the years. Roofs fail, siding gets cracked and paint chips away; windows and doors begin to leak. Sometimes we just need to freshen up an old and outdated appearance! Beyond that, there are times when we just need the additional space, whether it be a new front porch structure or a new or revised deck entertainment area in the backyard. As we’ve stated before, we can accommodate all of your requests!

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Insurance Repairs & Handyman Jobs

Pride of ownership also requires occasional upkeep and maintenance.
That’s why we have always provided repair and handyman services to our customers. We have helped with everything from setting raccoon traps to replacing any part of a home’s interior or exterior. There really isn’t anything pertaining to a customer’s home that we cannot assist in repairing or replacing.

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Designing for Accessibility

Glen Knight and Gayann Griggs have received training from the National Association of Home Builders are able to help adapt homes for the special needs of aging seniors. In addition to enabling seniors to remain in their own home, our staff can also design homes to meet the special needs of people of all ages with physical challenges.

We are especially sensitive to the needs of people that may have suffered recent injuries and quickly require grab bars, ramps, or other special services. We have at our disposal all types of accessible products that can make your home safe and convenient.

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Custom Woodworking

Can’t find the size or style bookshelf to fit that spot? Want that entertainment center you saw at the store, but can’t pull the trigger at that cost? Drop us a line! We have been building fabulous shelves and custom wood work for 40+ years. We can build anything from conservative to very elaborate, with a variety of woods or MDF materials.

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