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“The outside of our house isn’t looking so good anymore!”
As we all know, the exterior of our home takes a beating from the weather over the years. Roofs fail, siding gets cracked and paint chips away; windows and doors begin to leak. Sometimes we just need to freshen up an old and outdated appearance! Beyond that, there are times when we just need the additional space, whether it be a new front porch structure or a new or revised deck entertainment area in the backyard. As we’ve stated before, we can accommodate all of your requests!

Potential Projects

Exterior Remodeling

Siding Replacement

Vinyl lap, cedar lap/shake/panel, T-1 11 paneling, fiber-cement lap, LP SmartSide, brick/stone and any other product available in our area are all options for which we have experience.
Exterior Remodeling

Roofing Replacement

If your roof is damaged or worn out, we can replace it with a variety of different roofing materials. We maintain our own roofing license, and have the ability to work on many types of roof structures.
Exterior Remodeling

Fascia, soffit, gutters

Yep we do those too! Aluminum, vinyl, or composites are materials we commonly use.
Exterior Remodeling

Window Replacement

Insulated windows with low-E film coating and argon gas filled are the standard. Whether it is a replacement unit to be installed, or the entire existing window frame needs to be removed and replaced with a new construction unit we can do it. We have access to all the major window manufacturer brands and lots of experience. Vinyl, fiberglass, or clad-wood frames are typical options. And of course you know, the window unit only works correctly if it’s installed correctly.
Exterior Remodeling

Exterior Door Replacement

Doors are not too different from windows, in that they all need to be replaced after a period of time. We purchase our doors from several local lumber yards, and have access to any manufacturer that provides to our area. We install hundreds of doors every year, and know how to properly prepare the rough opening prior to installation in order to achieve the weatherproof seal that is desired.
Exterior Remodeling

Decks & Porches

We build a lot of them! Whether it is tearing down the existing deck and rebuilding with a new layout, constructing a deck in a new location or just tearing off the existing deck surface and handrail and installing updated materials, we can do anything that you might want. Composite surfaces, vinyl handrails and surfaces, cable railing, or just good old-fashioned treated wood materials. We work with them all!

We can provide a service for anything you might need on the exterior of the home from the ground up!

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